​​Statistical Forecasting has been providing educational consulting services since 1998. We serve a wide range of clientele, including K-12 school districts, municipalities, architectural firms, law firms, and universities.

Services include:

  • Demographic Studies/Enrollment Projections

  • GIS Mapping 

  • Redistricting of School Attendance Boundaries

  • Feasibility studies considering regionalization, de-regionalization, and termination of sending-receiving agreements for school districts.

  • Expert witness testimony in School Demography

About Us

Statistical Forecasting published an electronic newsletter from 2010-2016 on issues related to school demography.  Archived newsletters are available below. 


SeptemberDeclining enrollment in New Jersey (updated)


April- Domestic and International Migration in New Jersey

September - Length of Ownership and the Effect on Student Yields


July - Non-Hispanic White distribution in New Jersey

December- Declining enrollment in New Jersey


February- Computation of student yields for projecting children from new housing units

​May- Comparison of birth rates by county in New Jersey from 2005 to 2009

December - Net migration and population change by county in New Jersey


April- Population pyramid comparisons

September - Comparison of 3-year enrollment trends by county in New Jersey


January - Comparison of the NJ SMART enrollment database with the Fall Report

April - Utilizing 2010 Census data in conjunction with mapping software

November - Comparison of the 20-34 age groups from 2000 to 2010 in Mercer County


January - Sources of municipal birth data

May - Uses of GIS mapping in demographic studies

November - Using a housing turnover analysis in a demographic study

Executive Director

Telephone (toll-free) : 1-877-299-6412

email: info@statforecast.com


Copyright © Statistical Forecasting. All Rights Reserved 

Copyright © Statistical Forecasting. All Rights Reserved ​

Richard S. Grip Ed.D.

Dr. Richard S. Grip, Executive Director of Statistical Forecasting, possesses a Doctorate in Educational Statistics and Measurement from Rutgers University in New Jersey. His dissertation, Prediction of Public School Enrollments Using the Modified Regression Technique, demonstrated an alternative method to the Cohort Survival Ratio Method in predicting school enrollments.  

As a recognized leader and expert in the field, Dr. Grip has testified as an expert witness in school demography in several court cases on issues related to school districts terminating their sending-receiving relationship.  Dr. Grip has written numerous papers on topics in school demography and has presented his findings at regional and national conferences.  Dr. Grip's latest research paper consisted of applying prediction bands or confidence intervals when projecting enrollments.



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email: info@statforecast.com